We have an unparalleled knowledge of of the market having been partners in the business of talent for over 15 years (and having worked as practitioners in the creative industries previously.)  Over that time, we have built a network of connections and sources across the creative industries that not only leads us to the best opportunities and talent around the globe, but helps us stay ahead of trends in the industry.  We work collaboratively, comparing notes about what we pick up from leaders in different disciplines, and leverage each others contacts to vet talent.  We regularly travel to meet face to face not only with our clients and talent, but also with emerging players to make sure we have first-hand knowledge of what's going on in individual markets/sectors.  While our focus is on leadership, we start building relationships with talent early in their careers because we are not just about the next transaction.  Among those that know us, we have a reputation for operating with integrity.  We prioritize discretion to such a degree that we don’t talk to the press.  Ever.  Not even about our own business.  This creates a foundation of trust that is rarely found in the recruitment industry.


Thread is a retained search firm.  We work in close partnership with our clients, taking on only a select few searches at a time.  This enables us to put focused attention into each one.  We’ve helped global networks find new leadership that can respond to the challenges of a changing industry, we’ve helped brands large and small curate and build internal teams, and independent agencies identify succession management  We’ve helped young companies transition to their next phase of growth, helped agencies add new capabilities, and a global architecture firm build a digital experience practice. Clients have come to us as trusted source for advice on acquiring companies, or on being acquired; or even for a perspective on the talent within their own organization.  


Thread is a true collaboration between Patrizia Magni (right) and Sarah King (left).  Patrizia leads Thread’s management and strategy practice.  Sarah handles creative and production.  They both work with talent that blurs disciplines.  Patrizia has lived on three continents. Sarah has lived in every region of the US.  Between the two, they usually have a connection to at least one person in any given room.  Their personalities are utterly complimentary; they considerately delivering honest feedback and constructive criticism — one quite directly with an Italian accent, the other with a very gentle style.  Both Patrizia and Sarah worked in agency account management and launched and ran other creative businesses before getting into search.  This means they are not just looking at the industry from the outside in -- they have a true understanding of what it takes to deliver extraordinary creative in a dynamic environment that is constantly being redefined.


There have never been more ways to use creative imagination to increase an idea’s value. Not only are there a diverse and seemingly infinite number of ways to connect with consumers of a given idea, the line between branding/marketing and product/service is increasingly blurred.  Couple this reality with the fact that creativity is being deployed not just in traditionally creative industries, but across the whole of the economy, and the picture we’re left with respect to talent is one of immense complexity.  How is an organization to know which type of creative leader/innovator will drive their particular business forward in such a fragmented marketplace?  At Thread, we help our clients articulate their unique need and provide talent that is a tailored fit.